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  1. FenceSitter
    Former Christian now Agnostic
  2. Ps95v7
    Ps95v7 Frew_DPBFB
    Hello Drew just got your email about CD sorry forgotten all about it
  3. magnus
    magnus Bluefin221
    I seem to have been locked out of Freemasons forum mate
    1. Bluefin221
      I'll check it tomorrow when I'm on the PC mate.
      Aug 7, 2017
  4. Boynefive
    Boynefive Alfie
    Completely lost on this one. Yes I know public forum but whole conversation above my head.

    Can you enlighten?
  5. maryhillbill
    maryhillbill magnus
    ill agree to disagree on the toilet provisions,granted the super urinals were a great help trying to minimise the queues but i felt there should have been more
    plod were were on the ball when it came to people slinking off behind the bushes and I'm grateful for that, also it was observed that there was a lack of drinking of booze in the park which has to be commended, thoroughly enjoyed the day in alloa non the less
  6. Ian_Thompson
    Ian_Thompson Norrie
    HI Norrie: Will get it to you in the next couple of days. When I can get the wife of the desktop :)
    1. Norrie likes this.
  7. Ian_Thompson
  8. george owens
    george owens UncleBulgaria
    Dear Uncle,I am in Australia looking into my half brothers death in oct 1975.His name was samuel david swanson.any info would be helpful,cheers george owens
    1. UncleBulgaria
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you mate.
      Can't be of any help unfortunately, as I didn't know him.
      Mar 24, 2017
  9. Ian_Thompson
    Ian_Thompson Norrie
    HI Norrie: Do you have an email I can send the pdf to. I am struggling to do it on pulse
    1. Norrie
      Hi Ian, sorry for not getting back to sooner. Been away on holiday for a wee bit. My email is norrie7212@msn.com I look forward to your email. Many thanks. Norrie
      Mar 22, 2017
  10. Ian_Thompson
    Ian_Thompson magnus
    HI Magnus: Do you have an email addy i can send the pdf to. I am struggling to load it on pulse
    1. magnus
      Mar 19, 2017
  11. Ps95v7
    Ps95v7 Frew_DPBFB
    Hello Drew, I see from your avatar the badge of the DPB, my daughter and son-in-law stay in the "the Drum"

    I still have not got CD yet,if it has been over subscribed just donate money to funds or charity

    All the best Dougie
  12. Boynefive
    Boynefive Ian_Thompson
    Thanks Ian. I will look forward to it. Sorry to hear about health problems (whether you or your family). I am certain that things will turn out OK for you very soon

    1. Ian_Thompson
      it will all be fine. in the end....and then i can start to move
      Mar 7, 2017
  13. Boynefive
    Boynefive Ian_Thompson
    Hi, I'd like a copy of Longbottom booklet please.

    Also have you found your analysis of the orange degree.


    1. Ian_Thompson
      no I probably need to start again. apology.things have been a little interesting over the last few months. And not in a good way. Lots of hospital stuff
      Mar 7, 2017
  14. Alfie
    If you don't already know then there is no need for you to know.
  15. gmBDFB
    BDFB 1935
  16. lynno
  17. hillprod
    hillprod Boynefive
    Hello Brother, Please excuse my confusion but are you David Rudland or Matt Gawn or do you share the nik?. And are you WS of 63 District?. If you are I may be wanting to copy you in on an email soon.

    Regards, Arthur Gorton
  18. div1690
    div1690 Bluefin221
    Is there anyway you can get your old user name back with a new email address? Old member trying to get back on (kelsote) she thinks her username was
    1. Bluefin221
      Yes bud, but I'll start a private message with you.
      Jan 7, 2017
  19. TangoKid
    TangoKid Boyne
    Not sure how to send a PM on this new site. How do I get access to the OO group?
  20. Lilly Bulero
    Lilly Bulero
    Hi Everybody. Keep the faith.
    1. Belfast-Lady
      Hello Lilly.
      Jan 7, 2017