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Referendum possibly getting called

Discussion in 'General News & Politics' started by gboigloyalist, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Loyal-Prod51

    Loyal-Prod51 Well-Known Member Orange Order

    Sep 5, 2014
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    Important point and I totally agree with you. Scottish Orangeism by that I band Loyal Orders and Bands probably needs new focus or at least likely will do in future. With the threat of Nationalism not going away then the new focus could be on campaigns to promote and celebrate Britishness while also being involved in pro-Union campaigns.

    The result could see increased Loyal Order and Band membership possibly from other Unionists who have no Orange connections whatsoever.
  2. scootergt

    scootergt Well-Known Member Donator

    Sep 5, 2014
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    On attending the parade in 2014 it finally convinced me that there was going to be a vote to remain in the UK. Travelling through on a packed train from Falkirk, getting into Edinburgh and seeing masses of people getting of trains from all over Scotland (and the rest of the UK to be fair). Seeing the huge crowds in Edinburgh. Watching a parade, that unlike most Orange parades, had a real carnival atmosphere. Not a hint of trouble, not a blue bag in site, just people enjoying themselves and showing their support for the Union. Prior to it all I was not convinced it was a good idea but was glad to be proved wrong. Would it be right to do the same this time round if they do get another referendum. Probably not. It was right at the time, it galvanised a lot of people but it should be seen as a one-off.
    I would agree that this time round both the orders and bands should get their members out on the streets. Campaign, deliver leaflets, put up posters. Whatever it takes. There are thousands who could be out their doing their bit, getting the message across. Look at the numbers that were in Edinburgh. Even half of that number out campaigning would make a difference.
    Hopefully it doesn't come down to the fact we will even have another referendum but we sure as hell should be planning for it!
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